Acquistion Software

The VXV veterinary image acquisition console GUI  provides the ability for users to drive our range of Rayence DR imaging panels to their full potential. Incorporating industry leading image processing engines, the VXV user interface guarantees to deliver images of the exceptional quality.

Being highly intuitive and designed with workflow and efficiency in mind, developed specifically for the veterinary environments, little training is ever required to get the users up and running.

Standard features include DICOM Modality Work List (MWL), DICOM Printing, and DVD/CD Burning with in-built viewer, image export as DICOM, JPEG, TIF, GIF or BMP. Image mirroring, backup and restoration solutions for disaster recovery are also included.

VXV was designed with the “KISS” principle in mind, but with a wealth of powerful tools at hand when and where they are required. Best in its class for todays veterinarians.


  • Fully integrated solution. Functions as an image acquisition console, viewer and database storage.
  • Easily integrated into your existing clinical network. Transmit image data to other network connected PC's for in house review and redundancy, and clinical review in the consult room.
  • Fully customisable and automated exam procedure series
  • An optimised workflow reduces operational steps, increasing quality of care
  • Compare studies side by side taken over any period of time
  • AB mode enables the user to compare any image side by side from any position within the series
  • Worklist allows users to suspend current exams, to restart at a late date and time, or pre-enter incoming patient data to the Worklist for immediate startup at patient arrival
  • Text, measurement, angle, pointer, VHS and wealth of other often used editing tools
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